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Christian Elementary School | West Columbia, SC

We take pride in our K5- 8th Grade academic program as we make every effort to meet your child’s academic needs. Your child will experience individualized learning through our qualified teachers, hands on experiences, and the newest of technology. As part of our academics, we also teach Drama, Carpentry, Spanish, Art, PE, Music, and host chapels on a weekly basis. There is always something for your child to be excited about at ECA. For more fun learning experiences, don’t forget to check out our afterschool clubs as well!

Click here for a copy of our Elementary 2023-2024 school calendar


We felt it would be convenient for parents if you did not have to have a school wardrobe separate from your child’s regular wardrobe. We also wanted our students to have the opportunity to express their individual personalities; therefore ECA currently does not require uniforms. However, dress code must still meet standards. We require our students to dress clean, neat, and modest. No graphic t-shirts, or shirts with slang, sarcasm, or curse words. Students may not wear characters or bands on their clothes that may misrepresent our Christian core values. We do not promote Halloween, witches, vampires, Santa Claus, or the Easter bunny. We do not allow clothes that are too baggy, too tight, or too short. No strapless or spaghetti strap tops allowed. No flip flops are allowed. Please use your best discretion when dressing for school each day, but please take note that it is always at the discretion of our ECA staff as to whether or not your child is within dress code standards.


It is required by ECA that each student meet character and academic standards. If your child is struggling in certain areas and refuses to respond to our efforts to teach, love, and guide them we will have to revoke their privilege of being part of our school.