Edge Christian Academy Admissions

Due to the fact that our prices are competitively low, we receive most of our outside funding through fundraisers alone. It is a requirement of ECA that each student participate in each of our 3 fundraisers for the school year. There is a $200 Non Participation fee applied per fundraiser to students who do not participate.

Explanation of Fees & Terms

K3/K4 Payments are due by Monday morning and a $10 late fee will be applied for every payment not made by 6pm on Tuesday.

Kindergarten - 9th Grade tuition may be drafted monthly (over 10 months), paid in full, or paid by the semester. Tuition is due the first of every month and a $20 late fee is applied by the 5th of each month.

*There is a one time yearly Book fee required to cover the cost of curriculum.

**$100 Matriculation fee covers the cost of supplies for our related art subjects. (art, music, spanish, life skills, PE, etc.)


PRESCHOOL: For accounts that are 2 weeks past due, you will be asked to not return until your account can be brought current.

K5 - 9th grade: For accounts that are past due, you will be asked to not return if your account is not brought current by the 15th of each month.